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RH Steering Dump Tractor QJ4520CD2
Item No : QJ4520CD2.

1. Main technical specifications:
Weight Truck Weight(kg) 3500
Rated Load(kg) 3000
Total Weight(kg) 6500
Dimensions Wheelbase(mm) 3265
Wheel track (mm) Front(mm) 1550
Rear(mm) 1570
Overall Size(mm) 5850×2000×2500
Front/Rear Suspension(mm) 1375/1200
Min. Ground Clearance(mm) ≥200
2. Main compositions:
Item Composition Remarks
Cabin Long-headed, single seat-row, simple type With windscreen, wiper
Engine YCD4B11-76 YUCHAI 495, 76HP
Gearbox TC5-20NF8 Direct control
Power transfer QJ60K  
Frame 5+4 mm, riveted steel plate with height 200mm (sectional 2-layer) With no sub-frame
Axle Front: WTZQ2042S-1 (double cross -shaft type) Drum brake, 4WD
Rear: WT1058-1
Steering Gear Typed 3401QJY-010 Right hand, power steering
Hydraulic Cylinder E125×500 Single cylinder with crank arm
Brake System Oil brake, vacuum assisted  
Clutch System Type 130 Hydraulic clutch
Leaf Spring 131, improved type  
Battery 12V, 80Ah; Twin  
Cargo Tray 2600×2000×600mm  
Tire 7.50-16×7 engineering tire
Hydraulic winch 20000 lbs optional

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