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Sugarcane Planting Machine
Item No : 2CZX-2

Specs. for Sugarcane Planting Machine Model 2CZX-2

working video:

1Rated Powerto equip with 70 hp wheel tractor (with at least one group of dual action hydraulic fast connectors)
2Working Efficiency2000/hr
3Gross Weight960kg
4Number of Planting Rows 2rows
5Range of Row Space Adjusting900-1300mm
6Type of Plantingcutting type
7Type of Driving hydraulic driving
8Length of Sugarcane Cutting380±30mm
9Depth of Ditching250-300mm
10Density of Planting8-12sprouts/
10Fertilizer Feeding UnitTypescraping type
11Spraying UnitTypespraying
Capacity120Lwith 2 pcs of 60L tank
12Overall SizeLength2400mmbracket:1610mm
Width2600mmbracket: 1780mm
13FunctionsThis planter could simultaneously complete all processes for sugarcane planting,such as ditching, fertilizing, cane cutting, planting, water or pesticide spraying, earth ridging and film covering.

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