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Rice mill 6NPF-10
Item No : 6NPF-10-3,6NPF-10-4

working viedo:

Three-separating type

- Description:

The rice mill model 6NPF-10 is a machine that can separate the rice from its chaff at one time. After blowing away the chaff, the air inside the miller gets into the grinding chamber which improves the grinding condition and reduces broken rice rate and internal temperature. Thus the rice produced is white, smooth and glittering.The machine comprises of two types in rice and chaff separating, which are four-level separating and three-level separating. As to 4-level separating, a dust collector is installed on the blower exit. When the grain is grinded, white rice will flow out from the top of the separator, the broken rice will flow out from the bottom, the rough chaff flows out from the chaff output slot and the fine chaff flows out from the dust-collector. Thus the white rice, broken rice, rough chaff and fine chaff are separated.

- Main features:

- - light weight

- - small volume and working area

- - easy to be moved

- - motor drive or engine drive optional

- Main Specifications:

- - Capacity: 750-800kgs/hr

- - Power: 12-15hp

- - Speed of principal axis: 1200r/m

- - Weight: 85kgs (without engine or motor)

- - Rate of rice gotten: ≥69%

- - Rate of rice cracked: ≤35%

- - Rate of bran in rice: ≤0.15%

- - Power comsumption: ≤12kw/ton

- - Roller size (D x L): F98´360

- - Screen size (L x W): 16´1

- - Packing: small pieces in carton, the main body in nude

- - Container: 240pcs/40’ container

Four-separting type:

Accessories Packing:

working viedo:

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