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RH Driving dump truck
Item No : QJ5820CD3


QINJI brand dump truck is a light-duty truck applying to medium and short distance transportation in urban and rural area. It features with compact structure, reliable performance, flexible steering, easy operation, large capacity and great grade-ability. According to users’ different requirements, a vacuum assisted brake or air brake, an additional gearbox or twin-gearbox, common steering or power steering, air conditioner could be optional.
Main Technical Specifications:

CabinType 1043, long-headed, single seat-rowright-hand driving
EngineYN4100QB, YN4102QB, YC4105, YC4108 optional 140 clutch housing, with AC bracket
Gearbox140+130 gearbox(5+1)×4
Air conditionerOptional 
FrameRevited with 2 layers of steel plate, with height of 230mmThinckness:8+5mm, material 09siVL
AxleFRT: 2050 or 2060 driving axle 
Loading: 5T, 7T, 9T, air brake 
Hydraulic cylinderTwo cylinder:φ110×400, single cylinderφ160×600, φ180×600 optionalTwo cylinder or single armcrank cylinder optional
Steering gear3401JAC-010, power steering 
ClutchType 140, air power assisted 
BrakeAir brake, with dryer 
Parking brakeExhaust brake 
Leaf springType 140 improved 
Battery12V, 80Ah, two  
Loading space3600mm×2200mm×700mmTo be extended as per requirements
Propeller shaft153 
Truck weight (Kg)3940 
FRT/RR track(mm)1650/1650 
FRT/RR overhang (mm)940/1480 
Min. ground clearance (mm)≥200 
Overall size L×W×H6150mm×2300mm×2500mm 

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