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5TD-36 Paddy Thresher (with vibrating screen)
Item No : 5TD-36A,5TD-38,5T-50,5T-60

Thresher model 5TD-36A(with vibrating screen)
Grains such as paddy, soybean or wheat fed from feeding panel were separated (threshed) from straw and stem after processing of rotating roller and the fixed screen, and falled onto the vibarating screen. Meanwhile, the straw and stem were conveyed by roller out of the machine through straw exit. With the blowing air and screen vibrating,rabbish were sorted out from grains and blowed away from the rabbish exit. Finally, the grains falled into collecting bag though the screen under the work of a blower.
Rated power:2.2-3.0kw (diesel engine, gasoline or electrical motor
Productivity:For paddy:1000kg/hr
For soybean: 800kg/hr
For wheat:800kg/hr
Total lossed rate:2.5%
Total crushed rate:0.5%
Rabbish rate:1.5%
Weight:60kg(without power)
Overall size:1150*1000*1010with power
800*700*1000without power
Driving type:by belt
Belt type:A900, 1pc; B1448,1pc
Feeding type:Full feeding
Rev. roller:800-1000 r/min
Diameter of roller:320mm
Length of roller:360mm
Q'ty of roller bars:4
Diameter of screen:18mm

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