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Agricultural Dump Tractor 4WD Dump Truck Multipurpose Dump Tractor
RH Driving Dump Truck Rice Mill Grinder
Sugarcane Planting Machine
Total: 36 ,The following is: 4-6.
Name : Four wheel driving dump tractor
Type : 4WD Dump Truck
Item No. : QJ 5820CDS
Introduction :
  Description:  QINJI brand  four wheel driving dump truck is a  light-duty truck applying to medium and short distance transportat..
Name : RH Steering Dump Truck QJ8135PD-R
Type : RH Driving Dump Truck
Item No. : QJ8135PD-R
Introduction :
  1. Main Technical Specifications: Weight Truck weight(Kg) 5400 Payload(Kg) 3500 Gross weight(Kg) 8900 Dimensions Wheelbase(mm) 3260 W..
Name : Grinder 9F-20 (with engine)
Type : Grinder
Item No. : 9F-20
Introduction :
  - Description: - - This grinder is an ideal machine for farm and sideline products (such as rice, wheat, soybean, groundnut, coconut, coffee seeds, spices, and so o..
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